Added Bytes Is Born

September 2003

Added Bytes starts life as a personal blog and brand for Dave.

First Cheat Sheet

April 2005

The PHP Cheat Sheet was first published, and downloaded over 10,000 times in its first 48 hours.

Introducing Cheatography

October 2011

More and more people wanted to publish their own cheat sheets, so Cheatography was created to answer that need. Goes Live

March 2012

What started as a coding exercise had developed into a free tool getting a lot of use. We moved it to its own domain and started experimenting with potential revenue opportunities.

Added Bytes Goes Pro

September 2012

Added Bytes becomes a fully-fledged web development business.

Lindsay Joins the Team

May 2014

Added Bytes grows to two.

ApolloPad Takes Off

January 2016

Our latest product, ApolloPad, goes into public beta. Everyone has a novel in them - ApolloPad is designed to help it escape. Relaunch

April 2016 graduates from side project to serious venture.

No More New Clients

November 2016

By the end of the year, Added Bytes had stopped accepting new client work to focus more on our products.

Moving to

February 2017

After several years at an ironically unreadable domain name, we moved to its new home,

All Product, All The Time

October 2017

Added Bytes parted ways with the last of our lovely clients. From then on, we were purely a product company.

Steve joins the team

January 2018

We were delighted to welcome Steve to the Added Bytes team as our new Chief Marketing Officer. Upgrade

May 2018

The revamped version adds an array of great new readability tools, and gives a brand new look.

Laura joins the team

December 2018

We were delighted to welcome Laura to the Added Bytes team as our new Customer Success Champion.

Moving to

February 2019

We are very pleased to be able to announce that, in what we hope is the last time we move the site to a new domain, we are moving to!

The Future ...