How Added Bytes works

Work to ‚Äčlive

We empower each other to make good choices for ourselves, our families, and the company. In that order. We care about what we create together, not how early we can be at our desks.

We don't live to work, we work to live. A healthy balance is at the heart of everything we do. If we put work before our kids' birthday parties, we're doing it wrong.

Be curious

We celebrate our successes, but we're not afraid to experiment even if thing don't always go the way we hope. The only time we truly fail is when we don't learn from our mistakes.

Innovation and invention are key to our growth as individuals and as a team. We're always up for trying something new.

Be transparent

We all make mistakes, and how we deal with them is what defines who we are. We own our mistakes and we don't hide from them. 

We treat our customers and colleagues with respect and honesty. If we screw up, you'll usually hear about it from us first.

Be passionate

We don't settle for "good enough". We push ourselves - and each other - to create products which we would want to use, and that we would pick over the competition. Not because we built them, but because we can see the energy and spirit that went into making them.  

We do kick ass work. We inspire our colleagues. We want to go home every day excited about what's coming up next.


We take every opportunity to learn from each other and to teach each other. We're better off when we empower our colleagues, when we help them grow and develop.

Our colleagues aren't just people we share an office with. They are fonts of knowledge and experience who can help us to be better at what we do.