Customer Success Champion

Customer Success Champion

Location: Anywhere in the world, but would need to cover the US working day
Salary: Up to £35k, depending on experience

You will be the voice of the customer, you'll fight the customers' corner and drive customer-focused choices in the company. Including managing customer support and proactive communications with customers to solicit feedback and ideas.


Primary responsibilities

  • Front line support, managing and responding to customer queries through all comms avenues email, twitter, etc, across multiple products.
  • Be the voice of the customer in the business.
  • Customer analytics. Helping identify what data we can use, collecting that data and using it to drive direction of development.
  • Proactive contact with customers to collect essential feedback - why did they sign up? Why did they cancel? What's missing from our software? What do they want next? What else are they using?
  • Support development by helping manage bugs and feature requests, and updating customers on progress of those, as well as helping decide on future development priorities
  • Support marketing/growth by feeding back on marketing efforts, identifying opportunities with content and customer groups, improving customer communication - on and off-site.

Secondary responsibilities

  • Some content creation copywriting, social media posts.
  • Helping identify weaknesses in products from a language perspective. Are we identifying passive voice incorrectly, for example, and how can we improve that.
  • Helping create systems and methods for better analysis of text issues and readability.

Essential skills / attributes

  • Impeccable written English
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts in simple language
  • Patience, good negotiating skills, and other things people need to do customer support!

Desirable skills / attributes

  • Background in academic English language. For example, someone with a good technical understanding of language, who knows their subordinating conjunctions from their compound prepositions, would be ideal
  • Any analytical or data management skills a huge bonus
  • Good creative writing skills 
  • Experience with a previous SAAS business would help

How to apply?

If you're interested in the role, please contact jenny@addedbytes.com.

Reasons to join Added Bytes

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We care about what we create together.


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