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Awful Baubles 2020

Every year at Christmas, Added Bytes and our good friends at clockworkTalent have a delightful, festive, Awful Bauble competition. Here are the entrants from the last two years.

Welcoming Natasha to the Readable team

Natasha shares her thoughts on joining the Readable team and the importance of clear communication.

Why We Have a Public Company Handbook

Why do we have a handbook, what’s in it, and why do we make it publicly available?

The Myth of the “Unlimited Holiday” and How We Do It

Unlimited holiday is a lovely idea with a solid set of benefits to both employer and employee, but it’s not without its problems. Here is how we approach holidays at Added Bytes.

Laura Joins the Added Bytes Team

I’ve always felt a sense of renewal as a new year approaches. This year, I’m excited to say I start my new role as customer success champion for Readable.

Introducing ReadablePro

We’re chuffed to be able to take the cover off our latest development – a huge upgrade to Readable’s features and pricing!