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January, the start of a new year and the start of a new adventure for me as Chief Marketing Officer for


To say I’m incredibly excited would be an understatement. I’ve been looking forward to day one since first meeting the team.

Clarity of message has been a passion of mine through my digital career. A mantra of “keep it simple” can often be heard coming from my lips.

Creating content that is simple, clear and strong is what is all about.

All the websites I’ve worked on or managed had the same challenge – seven seconds to grab users attention. If you can’t get across your message within that window, forget about it. Time to start again.

I would have loved to have as a tool when working on a website with 50,000 pages that were being cut to 5,000.

The 50,000 pages included content as short as one sentence through to thousands of words that had no place being on a website.

The quality was also poor. Made up of long, drawn-out sentences that mostly served the authors ego rather than the reader.

Running the content through would have saved us months of work by giving us a clear report of what our content writers and authors needed to change. We could have taken that report and written a focussed content strategy.

Over the coming weeks and months, I look forward to building on the great work the guys have been doing.

We’re bringing to you new and improved features and essential content that will aid your writing skills by inspiring, educating and entertaining.

If you’d like to reach out on Twitter – and who doesn’t? – say hello at

I’m a keen photographer, music lover and DJ/producer. My ideal way to spend time is with my family, friends and a good bottle of white wine.

Have a fantastic 2018.

Originally published 4 January, 2018. | Joining the readability movement |

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Steve Linney, Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Linney, CMO Added Bytes

Steve has been a marketer for the last twenty years, covering a diverse number of sectors. Including e-learning, the music industry, and corporate responsibility.

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