Finish Your Novel.

ApolloPad is a feature-packed online writing environment that will help you finish your novels, ebooks and short stories.

It is designed to be intuitive and unobtrusive, to get out of the way and reduce distractions, so you can let your creativity run wild.

We know how important it is for you to have full control of your work, so we also include the ability to export every word you've written, in any format you like, any time.

ApolloPad In Brief


The approximate number of books people have started to write with ApolloPad.


The increase in usage we see every year when NaNoWriMo rolls around.


The approximate number of words written with ApolloPad.


The year ApolloPad went into public beta.

ApolloPad's Core Features

  In Public Beta

ApolloPad is open to anybody to register, and currently free to use. When we convert it to a paid product, we expect the cost to be between $5-$10 per month (and if you decide not to pay, you'll be able to get your work out at no charge).

  It's Your Text

Import content from any format. Export to any format, any time. Automated backups to your own cloud provider. It's your text, and you worked hard on it; we don't want you to worry about losing it.

  Smart Notes

Inline notes, which can be text, image or even video. Add reminders, location photos, even music to help you remember the feelings you're evoking in your story.

  Timeline Manager

Build a full timeline of your story in parallel with the book itself. Very handy for those of you who love a meaty flashback!

  Centralised Asset Management

Manage characters and assets, instantly change their names, and add photos and other notes to fill out their backstory.

  Customisable Interface

Style the interface however you like, work in the dark or the light, and hide features you don't want to see.