Customer Intelligence for Growing B2B SaaS Businesses

What Is AsUsedBy?

  In Private Beta

At the moment AsUsedBy is not open to general registration. We are building and testing the product and expect to launch a public beta in 2021.

  Customer Intelligence

AsUsedBy identifies your customers for you, working out what kind of company they are, how large they are, where they are, and what industries they work in.

  Informed Sales

AsUsedBy data can be fed into your CRM or other sales systems, helping you segment your customers automatically and supercharge your sales.

  Customer Logo AI

AsUsedBy provides a quick and simple system for rendering customer logos on your site. You can segment logos according to the purpose of a page, or let our AI decide on the most appropriate logos to show your customers.

  Social Tools

We track down your customers' Twitter profiles, Facebook pages and blog RSS feeds, so you can quickly and easily keep up to date with what your customers are talking about.